Digital Television

Digital Television is upon us and now more than ever you deserve the best advice, service, expertise and price to ensure that changing your home over to Digital is done right. Here at Brocky’s TV we’ll ensure that and more!

We’re also your ‘go-to-guys’ to resolve any reception issues you may already be experiencing after changing over to Digital TV Reception. Click Here to arrange an obligation-free chat with one of our team to discuss what we can do for you.

The Digital TV Revolution

Digital Television will bring an extra TEN tv channels into every Australian home. Not only that, the pictures you will receive are DVD quality, widescreen and interactive. Some of the channels also offer High-Definition or HD programming which is comparable to Blu-Ray disc quality (you require an HD television and/or set top box to receive these channels). You can see what the new channels can offer you on our channels page here.

What Do I Need To Make The Switch?

You don’t necessarily need a new TV to receive Digital Television (although we recommend it for the optimum Digital experience). You can attach a digital “set-top-box” to your current analogue tv and be up and running in no time. You may need to change or update your antenna installation though, in order to receive the best digital signal. Digital television relies heavily on signal strength and quality. The BROCKY’S TV team are specifically trained to help in these situations, so contact us today to discuss any problems, concerns or questions with us.

Confusing? Not when you’re dealing with the Digital experts here at Brocky’s TV.



Brocky’s TV specialises in New home antenna installations, Digital antenna upgrade, Digital antenna repair, detailed antenna system report, TV wall mounts, TV setup, Amplifer setup, Home theatre setup and  Written instructions to perfectly match your home setup. Brocky’s TV is leading the way as the Fringe Reception Specialist having all the latest fringe area antennas to get the best reception from your Home. Having Specialists in your local areas Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Tweed. You can Book Online or Call our 7 day toll free number today.

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