About Brocky’s Tv

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to become the most essential TV Installation & Antenna company in the Local area by having exceptional training, helping team-members grow personally, tried & tested systems and by making sure our clients come first at all times.

We aim to provide a service that goes above and beyond client expectation; providing these solutions in a respectful, confident manner that is worthy of recommendation to the dearest of friends & family without hesitation.

Company History

Today, Brocky’s TV is widely regarded as one of Australia’s leading providers of Residential and Commercial free-to-air installation services, TV Streaming and Smart services, Internet and WiFi upgrades and all audio & visual installation

The Company’s reputation is reflected in the quality of it’s service and distinctive leadership in which it has proved it to be one of the strongest brands in the TV Reception Service industry. In the words of the CEO, Brock Aspland, the equation is straightforward:

“We give our clients what they don’t get anywhere else and that is, exceptional service. We take the time to explain to our clients how their systems work and how to use them”.

The future holds many challenges for us and the industry, and the opportunities are greater for us now with newer technologies and systems influencing the way our company positions itself in the rapidly expanding marketplace.

Brocky’s TV is more than capable of assisting with all television antenna enquiries while leading the way in regards to stable internet and WiFi.

Products, Services, Features and Benefits

Much of the company’s success has been built on the strengths of our people and an unwavering commitment to total customer satisfaction. We have earned the trust of our clients by listening and carefully analysing their needs and providing the best overall value when dealing with TV Reception, Installation Services, TV Mounting, Electrical, Internet and WiFi.

Brocky’s TV provides our customers peace of mind by delivering unparalleled service and absolute confidence in the in our Australian made parts and with an exclusive extended 5-year warranty on the parts and labour. Give the Local Guy a Try!

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Brocky’s TV is located at 6/12 Newspaper Place, Maroochydore

Phone Toll-free 1800 588 688

brockys tv

Brocky’s TV specialises in New home antenna installations, Digital antenna upgrade, Digital antenna repair, detailed antenna system report, TV wall mounts, TV setup, Amplifer setup, Home theatre setup, electrical and  Written instructions to perfectly match your home setup. Brocky’s TV is leading the way as the Fringe Reception Specialist having all the latest fringe area antennas to get the best reception from your Home. Having Specialists in your local areas Sunshine Coast. You can Book Online or Call our 7 day toll free number today 1800 588 688.

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