Easy Installations

Purchasing a new television is an exciting time! But it is also stressful in that we don’t always know if we’ve bought the right one, or if we’ve paid the right amount. At the end of the day we just want a television that suits our needs – right?

If you’re at this point before you buy, feel free to use our Shopping Service and we can act as a broker for your new TV!

Click here to arrange to speak to one of our technicians for shopping advice.

Your New Television

Getting the new television home is one thing, connecting it another; but we at Brocky’s TV will write out hand-written instructions that show you exactly how to use your new TV.

We understand the confusion that comes with a new remote control. We are able to put this new television, along with any older devices you still want connected, all onto one easy-to-use touch screen remote. Now that’s easy! Book your installation now by clicking here.


And to make it all right on the day of purchase, we are able to give you a free on-site reception analysis while installing your television, and we will provide the time needed to correct any reception repairs you may need on this same visit. That means no second service call; and the technician you trust is capable of providing more than one solution.



Brocky’s TV specialises in New home antenna installations, Digital antenna upgrade, Digital antenna repair, detailed antenna system report, TV wall mounts, TV setup, Amplifer setup, Home theatre setup and  Written instructions to perfectly match your home setup. Brocky’s TV is leading the way as the Fringe Reception Specialist having all the latest fringe area antennas to get the best reception from your Home. Having Specialists in your local areas Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Tweed. You can Book Online or Call our 7 day toll free number today.

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