TV Reception In Unit & Apartment Blocks

If you are receiving your digital television signal from a community or shared antenna system, it is up to the body corporate of the complex to ensure your digital signal is a pass for high definition digital television.

An easy way to check of you are getting all the high definition channels clearly is to assess the amount of break-up or pixellation you experience in your received picture on one of the High-Definition Channels (for example on 7mate, GEM, ABCnews24, etc). If you experience break-up more than once a day, it may be that the signal you are receiving from your wall-socket is not above the ACMA (industry) standard. The team here at Brocky’s TV have extensive experience in this area.

First, it is important to check the quality of the cable you have connected your television to the wall-socket; if this is not a digital quality, it is important to replace this first. The highest quality, hand made cables can be purchased from us.

If you are still experiencing problems, download, print and complete the form below, then submit this to your resident manager or body corporate representative. Be as descriptive as possible and enquire with other residents if they are having the same trouble and get them to submit their own form as well.

Remember, we are here to help at Brocky’s TV and we are specialists in this area. You can contact us by clicking here for personal service.

Download our community reception problem form by clicking here.





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