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Do you understand television technology?

Technology is exciting isn’t it? but as consumers and everyday people we only see one small part of what is actually going on!

We don’t see the transmitters, we don’t see the people behind the scenes making things work. Heck we don’t even see the actual signals themselves. So how can we know what is going wrong?

Well we shouldn’t need to. All we know is either Our picture is good or our picture is not good.

Before you spend money on your antenna system, or on buying your Tv, thnk about what you want to achieve.

There are so many options and choices that you have available, and you want to ignore all this and just get what you need.

But do you want it to last as well? I’m not talking 12months, I’m talking 5 years or 10 years? You don’t want to be spending money on this stuff again right?

Do you want foreign made products put onto your home? I mean sometimes we can’t avoid it, that’s true. But did you know there is a complete range of TV antennas and Boosters, splitters, cable and fittings that are made in Adelaide Australia? We recommend and use these products, and their quality is the reason we can give an exclusive 5 year labour-inclusive warranty.

Get the right products installed, and start watching beautiful pictures on your Tv. Afterall, you didn’t spend all that money on buying a decent brand to have it break-up and pixelate through your favourite shows did you?

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Break up on Digital TV

It's frustrating when you see pixelation in the middle of a show

Mount Coolum new digital tv transmitter Pt Arkwright transmitter

Do you live in Mount Coolum or the Coolum area and have always had poor TV reception?

Now there is a solution, as the new transmitter has been completed and tested. You can now have your antenna redirected towards Point Arkwright transmitter(instead of Dulong or Bald Knob previously).

It’s important to check the signal at this time, as there may be a need to remove the existing booster if your signal is too strong. Signals that are too high need to be attenuated, as over strong signals will affect digital television the same as weak signals.

The polarity is also different. Previously the antenna will have been installed in the Horizontal polarity, however the new signals being broadcast from Pt Arkwright are vertical.

North Buderim television antennas may also benefit from this new transmitter, and all local channels will be available.

This is exciting news for those residents who have been frustrated since the move to digital tv on the Sunshine Coast, and it is excellent to now have a simple solution to get this fixed.

Digital TV Sunshine Coast|Why Does Digital Television Pixelate

Digital TV often gets a bad wrap, but most of this comes from misinformation. Whereas in the past analogue Tv pictures were dependent on the signal level (the better the signal the better the picture, and the picture slowly gets worse as the signal deteriorates), Digital TV isn’t like that at all.

Digital TV on the Sunshine Coast has a cut-off level, and it’s only about a third of the way up the spectrum. What happens is TV signals fluctuate, and so if you are too close to that cut-off level, it will work sometimes, but as the weather (or more commonly the change in temperature when day changes to night around 6pm) your signal drops slightly, and this puts you on or below the cut-off level, and you experience pixelation.

Also important to note that each channel is broadcast separately and using their own equipment; the reason only some channels may pixelate and not others.

What this means to your house is that a full new antenna system and cable and booster may not be required, as you may only need a slight increase in signal to push you enough above the cut-off level that you don’t see break-up.

At Brocky’s TV we explain the why about digital tv, as well as guaranteed solutions. We give a 5-year labour inclusive warranty, so if you do need to upgrade your antenna system, you will have peace of mind that it will last.



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What is 4K Ultra HDTV Sunshine Coast Gold Coast

4K Ultra High Definition television set to change our viewing experience for good

Get ready for the newest in picture quality with 4K television technology. It’s 4 times the resolution of 1080p and is set to open our eyes about true High Definition viewing!

Currently, we have Blu ray High Definition available, and most of our televisions can handle this 1080p resolution.


 4K (or 4KUltraHD as it is known) delivers a brilliant quality because of the resolution difference compared to HD and standard DVD images.

The resolution difference of 4K Ultra HD

4K Ultra is simply better in the same way as HD was better than DVD. The added resolution makes the picture easier to look at, as well as displaying the true image faster than ever possible with High Definition.

Just like the introduction of HD Blu ray, it will take time for a full variety of 4Kultra content to become available for viewing, however rest assured that not only will all new content be 4KUltra High Definition, but also our old favourites will be remastered, and reproduced in stunning 4K quality as well.


Stunning LG 4K 84 inch UHDTV

Stunning LG 4K Ultra High Definition Television

If you are looking to purchase a new television that is future proof, your choice must be 4K Ultra. Be prepared for the current price tag though and be sure to inquire with our team which is the most suitable brand for what you are hoping to enjoy!

Keeping up with the technology

As technology changes, Samsung still stays ahead of the crowd. It’s enjoyable to watch their consistency over the past 2 years, and marvel at their competitiveness in both technology features and price. We sell all brands of television, both LED and PLASMA. And we are proud to be Samsung re-sellers

UA75F8000 LED TV

Full HD Samsung LED TV