Digital TV Sunshine Coast|Why Does Digital Television Pixelate

Digital TV often gets a bad wrap, but most of this comes from misinformation. Whereas in the past analogue Tv pictures were dependent on the signal level (the better the signal the better the picture, and the picture slowly gets worse as the signal deteriorates), Digital TV isn’t like that at all.

Digital TV on the Sunshine Coast has a cut-off level, and it’s only about a third of the way up the spectrum. What happens is TV signals fluctuate, and so if you are too close to that cut-off level, it will work sometimes, but as the weather (or more commonly the change in temperature when day changes to night around 6pm) your signal drops slightly, and this puts you on or below the cut-off level, and you experience pixelation.

Also important to note that each channel is broadcast separately and using their own equipment; the reason only some channels may pixelate and not others.

What this means to your house is that a full new antenna system and cable and booster may not be required, as you may only need a slight increase in signal to push you enough above the cut-off level that you don’t see break-up.

At Brocky’s TV we explain the why about digital tv, as well as guaranteed solutions. We give a 5-year labour inclusive warranty, so if you do need to upgrade your antenna system, you will have peace of mind that it will last.



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