What is 4K Ultra HDTV Sunshine Coast Gold Coast

4K Ultra High Definition television set to change our viewing experience for good

Get ready for the newest in picture quality with 4K television technology. It’s 4 times the resolution of 1080p and is set to open our eyes about true High Definition viewing!

Currently, we have Blu ray High Definition available, and most of our televisions can handle this 1080p resolution.


 4K (or 4KUltraHD as it is known) delivers a brilliant quality because of the resolution difference compared to HD and standard DVD images.

The resolution difference of 4K Ultra HD

4K Ultra is simply better in the same way as HD was better than DVD. The added resolution makes the picture easier to look at, as well as displaying the true image faster than ever possible with High Definition.

Just like the introduction of HD Blu ray, it will take time for a full variety of 4Kultra content to become available for viewing, however rest assured that not only will all new content be 4KUltra High Definition, but also our old favourites will be remastered, and reproduced in stunning 4K quality as well.


Stunning LG 4K 84 inch UHDTV

Stunning LG 4K Ultra High Definition Television

If you are looking to purchase a new television that is future proof, your choice must be 4K Ultra. Be prepared for the current price tag though and be sure to inquire with our team which is the most suitable brand for what you are hoping to enjoy!

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